Interested of taking challenge being a volunteer of such exciting race? We are now recruiting volunteers, please register & we will contact you later.

Volunteer certificate and souvenirs will be offered to volunteers.

    Volunteer registration form


    First Aid:



    I certify that I am physically fit for volunteer work on race day. I understand that I am participating in the Event at my own risk, and responsibility. I hereby explicitly agree to abide by all rules and conditions of the Organizer.

    I hereby discharge the Organizer and any other individuals or organizations connected directly or indirectly with this Event including the Venue Sponsor from any responsibility in the event of loss of property, injury or death incurred during, as consequence of or while traveling to or from the Event (other than personal injury or resulting from the negligence of the Organizer, or the Venue Sponsor, or any other individuals or organization connected directly or indirectly with the Event). I also irrevocably grant the Organzier, Co-organizer and Venue Sponsor the right to photograph me during the Event and have my name, voice, likeness and appearance made into photographs, sound, video or multi-media recordings relating the Event (”Recording”) and to use the Recording in perpetuity throughout the world, in all media now known or hereafter devised for any purpose, whether in advertising or for purposes of trade or otherwise. I acknowledge and agree that no payment or other compensation shall by payable by Organzier or Venue Sponsor in connection with the Recording or any use thereof.

    (This declaration is written in both English and Chinese. If there is any conflict in meaning, the English version shall prevail.)

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